Boarding Info


  • This is a night-time Crating Facility. We live on the property and are only seconds away! 
  • This is a Social Boarding Facility. Dogs are socialized all day and need to be socially healthy to stay with us!
  • The only way to guarantee boarding dates is to:
    • Complete the vetting process. Including Registration and completion of Meet and Greet
    • Make boarding request on the Gingr portal.
    • Receive acceptance email by us. 
  • We cannot finalize/guarantee any dates via phone call, text or email. 

Before Your Dog May Board:

  • All dogs 10 months or older must be Spayed or Neutered. We require proof of procedure.
  • All dogs must be at least 4 months old and up-to-date on all vaccinations.  Keep in mind, last minute vet visits can expose your dog to illness and then expose other boarders.
  • Please do not bring your dog if it is or has been sick in the days prior to boarding or has loss of bowel or bladder control.
  • We cannot accept females in HEAT. Please keep that in mind when you schedule. 
  • We cannot accept males that hump.  Other dogs may retaliate and that can result in injuries. 
  • New dogs must be evaluated to be sure of Compatibility with all dogs and dog breeds. (To make sure all dogs are/feel safe!)
  • Completion of Registration/Application, Medical Release, Pet Care Agreement on Gingr App. 
  • Dogs MUST be up to date on Immunizations for: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus and Bordetella. 
  • All dogs must be Happy and Healthy in a crate. We crate for timeouts, when I leave and over night.  Please no crate crazy/loud vocal dogs.
  • All dogs must be well adjusted without mom/dad (Please!!! No Separation Anxiety!!!). A dog suffering is not fair to me, your dog or other boarders requiring care and attention.
  • PLEASE BE UP FRONT ABOUT YOUR DOG’S BEHAVIORS. We will have to call owners to pick up dogs with behaviors that upset the healthy balance.  
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: If need to send a dog home for the owner not being up front about important issues, I will call the emergency contact to pick the dog up and charge full price!  Ex: Dog not really fixed or very sick at drop off.

For Boarding Day Please Bring:

  • Food and Treats (kept stowed up for your dog only)
  • Blanket and Toys if preferred (Kept in crate for your dog’s use only)
  • Medications (we will administer)

We are Happy to Provide:

  • Feel free to contact us via phone or text to ask how your pup is doing
  • We will send you pictures via text
  • You will receive a report card at check out, with info and pics of your pup’s stay, the friends they made and the fun they had.


  • Wifi cameras with motion detection, night vision and audio so I can monitor any late night activity. (administrative access only)
  • Wifi smoke detectors that will alert us of any smoke/fire and carbon monoxide.